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Every tower: doing its job today and prepared for the world to come
You have our full attention
Tower Engineering Company can meet you where you are.

Whether you need a new tower designed for a remote mountain top or an urban pole erected to increase 5G density. We can put your investments to work.

It could be that you need to increase revenue per tower and require analysis performed to ensure structural capacity. We have helped increase asset utilization for new equipment installations for decades.

Maybe you have dozens of towers but need condition observation and maintenance or repairs completed. We have climbed 1,000s of towers to do this job already.

Perhaps instead, a catastrophic failure has brought one of your towers down and you need engineering forensics or an expert witness to litigate the case. We are among the few across the USA who have supported legal teams in dozens of cases.

From the very challenging to the routine, when it comes to broadcast towers and complex structural engineering we have seen all and done it all. Our professional engineering staff, services and solutions can meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Tower Engineering Services

TEC can provide customized tower and foundation designs to fit your needs. In addition, TEC offers design team management, construction administration, and special inspection services for any new telecommunication or broadcast site, equipment or associated infrastructure.

Tower Engineering Solutions

TEC can provide a comprehensive suite of services to add more value, risk reduction and operational coverage than any ad-hoc effort. We are an asset management company with a focus on towers. There simply is no way a skeleton crew engineering team can deliver the peace of mind needed to keep the broadcast signal alive and prepare the vertical real estate for future revenue installations like TEC can.

Tower Forensic Engineering

Towers operate for decades in some of the harshest conditions on planet earth. Sometimes, they fail catastrophically. TEC’s principle engineers have many years of field experience across every US state, territory, and even at international sites. We have pieced together the silent stories of rust, wind, ice, sabotage, and many other failures so owners or victims can move on with their lives.

Non-Tower Structural Engineering Services

TEC can provide structural engineering services for a variety of residential and commercial structures. With experience working on simple tenant repairs or home remodels, to wineries and grocery stores, no job is too big or too small.
Towers are our specialty.
Specializing in all aspects of towers and specialty structures

Broadcast and communication towers come in a variety of configurations, heights, and physical locations. At different points in their lifecycle, they need different services as well.

  • Inspection

    Experienced licensed structural and civil engineers providing thorough site inspections and/ or project management to collect data and make observations.

  • Design

    Working personally with our clients to identify problems, create solutions and procure necessary documents through the design of structural systems.

  • Analysis

    Data and conditions are interpreted utilizing years of field experience along with the latest in engineering analytical software.

  • Destruction & Replacement

    It’s better to plan for the careful dismantling of a condemned tower than to clean up the mess after it falls. Every situation is unique and engineers need to plan the process.

Let's talk

We would love to hear from you!
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